Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The big cover up (Feb 23rd)

We drove up to see a big pile of sand in our front yard. This had to mean stucco was coming soon. Very exciting.

What was more exciting was that the rooms suddenly were a lot like rooms. Up until this point we really had only a vague sense of what the inside spaces were like. The insulation helped define some of the rooms but the drywall changed that a lot.

The place was a mess but it was cool to see ceilings and interior walls. Even the stairs to the basement became suddenly really cool stairs to the basement.

One odd thing...

We found three or four propane containers next to empy Coke cans. To this day I don't know what this was all about.

Actually, there was one more odd thing...

I can't explain this either.

Earlier in the week we got a phone call from the design center. It was time to select our granite slabs. We left the house pretty excited about the developments there and headed to Arizona Tile.

Stay tuned...

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