Thursday, July 8, 2010

Round 10 of the 2010 Formula One Season Silverstone!

The Old Man of Formual One
Sixty years ago, Silverstone was the site of the first ever Formula One race.  It has history, personality and a real character about it.  Abandoned by the RAF after WWII and adopted by the RAC (Royal Automobile Club), Silverstone was converted into a race course in 1948.  It remains the only active Formula One circuit to have sacrificed an animal before it's inagural race. *

That's not what's cool though.  This is:
2009 Track Configuration

2010 Configuration.  *** 

A way too breif recap
The last two races had spectacular moments.  First, Canada had some of the best racing I've seen in a long time and surprisingly, Fox covered it very well.

Then in Valencia there was this:

And if you want to see it with some dramatic music...

How telling is it that this clip was better than all three Star Wars prequels...
So there you go.  When Mark isn't taking out his teammate, he's taking completely innocent drivers out. **

The Event
The Race is not The Event (and even though those commercials were kinda cool at first, I'm starting to think The Event won't even be The Event).
The event will have food and people and there will likely be an infant involved and perhaps some sort of music thing.  We'll see.

** OK so Mark isn't really a bad guy and this was just an accident but I can still be embittered by Turkey.
***(Yes, I know it's upside-down. That's because the goddamn Brits can't print a map the same way to save their empire. That's what lost them the American Colonies, they had the map upside down and initially tried to take back Madegascar.