Sunday, March 30, 2008

Seventh Circle of Basement (Data Cable-3 Feb 02)

It was time for lunch and we all found some step or 2x4 to lean on for lunch. Spicy Chicken Sandwiches all around.

There were some tricky areas to climb around because of the plumbing and electrical and in hindsight, it is impressive that we didn't damage anything. We had some tricky moves to make climbing up and down as we only had one ladder that reached the ceiling.

The area over the kitchen is pretty crazy.

The upstairs was pretty much complete, it was getting dark and we moved down to the basement.

As we had been pulling wires all day long some of the attention to detail was starting to slip. One thing we did notice, Guardian totally screwed up the 5.1 audio set up in the basement. They wired for ceiling speakers instead of wall speakers, ran an audio connection from the cabinets in the garage to a random wall in the basement closet, ran a data line to the speaker connections box and completely missed a data jack in the closet.

This was a disaster and we had to fix it ourselves.

Why not just leave it and have Guardian fix it? You’ll remember we had already wired the upstairs. You’ll also remember that our entire operation relied on stealth. If Guardian discovered what we did, not only would they complain to Fulton and complicate my life, but they would likely not warranty any of their wiring.

Their retarded wiring was partly repairable by just moving things around, but we had to buy additional wire and a wall box to cover the rest. This was pretty disappointing but the silver lining here was that if Guardian complained about any of the wiring I did, I could take them to task for this huge blunder.

Barb had to make the run for wiring and came back with donuts.

Pull some cable, pull some more, eat a donut, cut some cable, tie it up, eat a donut, pull it down to the jack hide the cable, eat a donut. Repeat as necessary.

We fixed their problem and finished measuring and cutting our cable. We gathered it all up at the same hole that we used for the shade cables and pulled it through. There was a section where we pulled a lot more than what was needed so we cut this on the basement end and moved upstairs to finish pulling this run across the ceiling and down to the cabinets.

It was now about 10PM and we wanted to just get this wiring done. We weren’t going to be able to really make it neat tonight. We’d have to come back on Superbowl Sunday to finish things in the morning.

Remember the cable that was way too long in the basement and we decided to cut it? Yeah, that was a bad idea. When we got done pulling the cable across the ceiling we realized that we had missed something downstairs and didn’t pull that section the same distance as the rest before cutting them.

Now it wouldn’t reach at all. Disaster again.

We moved some stuff around, altered our route for that section, and managed to make it work. We were tired, Mark had a long drive home, Alex had left hours earlier and we were out of donuts. We’d fix and finalize the rest on Sunday before the game.

For the record, even though Alex agreed to work all day for 20 bucks, we gave him a few multiples of the agreed to price as I really felt he had negotiated poorly, didn’t have a good understanding of what his time was worth, and really helped out a lot.
This is what we ended up with at almost every jack. The Guardian wire and two of ours looped up and hidden.

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