Saturday, April 5, 2008

Granite, granite, everywhere and not a slab to pick.

We didn’t have the batteries charged in the camera so this particular trip was almost pictureless. Camera phone saved this day.

As I mentioned in the last post, we received a call from Fulton’s Design Center letting us know it was time to select our granite slabs.

So we headed to Arizona Tile. It was a really cool warehouse that had, literally, tons of granite slabs to view. We checked in, got our hardhats on and started wandering around while waiting for our granite guy to pull the slabs we were going to view.

There were some really cool patterns and we discovered that we preferred the types that had large variations and inclusions in them. The uniform granite was still cool, it just didn’t have that “natural beauty” feel that the large patterned ones had.

As we continued to investigate we realized that the most beautiful slabs were the most expensive.

Our slab was ready so we walked over to take a look at it.


That’s all we could think. It really wasn’t that the granite wasn’t nice, it was just that we had just seen such cool variation that we wanted something unique about our select.

“This one’s nice and all, but we’d like to see some others, please.”
“Uhm, that’s it. That’s the only one we have for you.”
“There aren’t any other slabs we can look at?”
“That’s all we have right now.”
“If we can chose 1 out of 1 selection, then our ‘choice’ is already predetermined. You don’t need us for this step. Why did we even drive down here?.... What about those right there? They look cool.”
“We don’t’ have enough of those. You need four.”
“What about those? Those look really cool.”
“Those are 3cm slabs, you are getting a 2cm slab.”

This guy wasn't helping and I was about to ask him if we could talk to someone who actually cared about what they were doing for a living. Then out of nowhere, a helpful suggestion.

“You could call your design center and see if they’ll let you upgrade to a 3cm slab.”
“Ok. Thanks.”

Back to the design center we went. Would they let us upgrade? Would we have to pay a $250.00 change order fee and even if they did let us upgrade, how much more would four 3cm slabs cost?

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