Saturday, May 3, 2008

Closer and closer (April 19)

This week the saw a lot of action. Sinks, faucets, more lights.

The tile that we were so stressed about came out great. The pattern was good but not overwhelming. They must put the lame tiles at the top of the stacks.
One less thing to worry about.

The tile was grouted and covered with protective paper and the backsplash was done. The kitchen is really coming together and we can't wait to see the appliances.

The master bath was almost complete and it was nice to see the shower wall completed.

They had started patching and texturing the various holes and dents in the walls and our Central Vac unit was in.

We drove up this Saturday to see some strange fabric type stuff on the driveway. We weren't expecting carpet until next week so this was exciting.

This seemed to match. How could this be? We thought for sure it was going to clash.


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