Sunday, April 27, 2008

kraP oN (April 5th)

This week, we drove up to find the house colors had changed. You can see from this picture compared with this one.

They had used the same paint for the whole house and it was supposed to be two-toned. I had no idea it was supposed to be different and would have been happy with the color the way it was but I really like the addition.

The big news this week? Lights!

In case you can't tell where the light is in this picture, Barb is touching it.

In all seriousness, the lights are cool, but words can't express how much Barb liked them. The best light ever.

The cabinet guys had to remove the wall plates so they could install the cabinets. This gave me an opportunity to see if I could reach the wiring that we had installed earlier. I was able to reach in and pull it out. You can see the yellow cable here.

Even though I knew it would work it was cool to pull the cable through and see it. It was like seeing an old friend.... who was bright yellow.... and had been buried inside a wall for a couple of months.

The cabinets in the basement were up and they looked cool. There was a counter and a hole for a sink. Coolness.

Finally, we couldn't let our brick remain upside down. This is much better now.

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