Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tanks for the help (March 8)

I am not fond of the pun.

Well that's not entirely true. I'm not a fan of weak uninspiried humor of any kind. I have a friend, who shall remain nameless lest the mention of his name conjure a pun from that dark place whence they live, who revels in almost all aspects of the wordplay genre. He does, however, appear to have a favorite type.

The weak horrifyingly lame pun.

His unbrideled joy at such a pedestrian brand of humor comes not so much from the pun itself, but more from the gut wrenching disgust which wracks my psyche every time he crafts one.

Every... time...

So great is his pleasure in my agony that he strives for the horrific. Much like the singer who must be truly talented in order to always sing off key, he has honed his skills so that he can pull off this evil jest at will. The title of this post is in his honor.

The IT deparment is moving in a couple of months. There is a building owned by the health network that has been abandoned for at least 20 years and someone decided this was where IT needed to be. Sounds great.

The building used to have three acrylic spherical fish tanks in the main lobby. Two were empty and were claimed by executives. One was filled with a thick dark green sludge that scared everyone who saw it.

Everyone except me.

I got some generous help from my friend Mark (again) and his son and we drove to Tucson to empty, rinse and retrieve the tank. It took way longer than we had expected but we got it back here. One of the things we found humorous was the warning on this UV light.

The warning was almost passable, but the italicized exclamation point made it appear to be trying just a little too hard.

After we unloaded the tank we checked out the house. We had stone and fake structural elements. Even though they were fake, they looked cool.

As we got closer we saw the final layer of stucco had been applied and the drywall was textured. Very "housey".

This looked particularly cool on the bathroom walls but when I asked Barb if we could just keep it this way, she didn't seem to hear me. No matter how many times I asked her.

Mark had just had some major roof work done so he scaled some rickety scaffolding to check on the work that the roofers had done. He was inspecting so fast the camera could barely capture the image.

The roof passed this unofficial inspection, Mark drove home, we went back to the apartment and all was good.

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