Thursday, April 17, 2008

We don't need no education (March 15)

This week a lot was accomplished.

We drove up to find some guy in our garage cutting something.

As we got closer we realized he was cutting trim; and where there's trim, there's jamb; and where there's jamb, there's door.

THIS was cool. A front door. We are firm believers in the front-door paradigm so this was satisfying.

While we were marvelling at the front door, we almost missed the flooring had been poured over the basement side.

They had dug and built the basement but had left the top of the basement ceiling (main level floor) as bare plywood over the trusses. With all of the work that still had to go on between the floors this wasn't surprising. What was cool about this is they built the rest of the house a couple of inches higher so when they poured this smooth-crete kinda stuff it would match up perfectly.

It matched and looked cool. A complete floor.

We spent some time with one of us walking around upstairs (simulating various emotional states) while the other was in the basement evaluating the noise levels. Even though the bare concrete was still loud during "You ate ALL the ice cream?!?" and "Why CAN'T I get a new computer!!", it was perfectly acceptable during, "Dominos is here" and "I can't find my shoes". Once the carpet was installed it would be nice and quiet.

One thing I found entertaining was the result of the plumbers work when lining up the battubs with the drains. Apparently, they couldn't get them on right from the tub side.

So they cut a hole in the other side to match them up. The best part was how disgusted the drywall supervisor was when he came back to inspect the work.

During these months we had only a vague idea of how much property we really were buying. We knew it wasn't really big but had no idea what the space felt like. We needed a wall.

Fortunately one was included in the price.

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