Thursday, March 6, 2008

January 25th


We drove up earlier in the day and there was a guy putting styrofoam on the outside of the house and attaching the wire. There were actually more guys but they were on the other side of the house. When we came back later the house looked like this.

Ready for stucco

The morning before I met with the Project Manager from Fulton (Paul) and the guys from Guardian. This was the company that provides low voltage services to Fulton Homes home buyers.

They claimed we had ordered more wiring than they usually see. I agreed that it was probably more than they normally see (but it wasn't that much to me). The problem I faced at the Design Center was that I would not be allowed to run wiring myself. So I had to decide how much wiring I wanted and where I wanted it within a very short period. After working out some numbers in my head I sat with the Guardian representative in the Design Center and we started working out the placement of the data lines and cable.

It got so cluttered that he gave up on the idea of figuring it out now. "You know, I think we should just meet on site when it's time to install the cable so we can determine the exact placement." Which is sales talk for, "You crazy."

So, months later, we met and walked through everything. By that time I had planned to sneak in and run some wire on my own without Fulton's knowledge. (that's a story for later) As a result I decided to trade a couple of wiring bundles for two speaker pre-wire runs and an additional wiring cabinet. Guardian actually made more money on the cabinet than normal, and I got some extra space for future expansion.

Lots of Wire

White=Security, Grey=Speaker, Blue=Data

Next up.... Shades...

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