Monday, March 3, 2008

January 19th

This was a cool day. Electrical was completed. We had come by a couple of nights before to see how far they had come with the electrical but the electrician team was still there at 7 pm listening to crazy music and running wire. We left them alone lest we interrupt some sort of ritual.

The AquaPex and the natural gas lines were in as well. Why does code require them to be cast iron? Because when it explodes it causes more shrapnel, that's why.

The roof was loaded with tile. They add the weight of the tile to the roof to help the house settle. I guess it's less spooky that way at night. While I was taking pictures this homeless person wandered in the view and wouldn't leave.

We will be installing a Lutron RadioRa lighting system and we'll need to have additional space in the gang boxes to install some of the master controllers. How would we know where the controllers would go? We had to design the system and figure out which lights were going to be controlled by which switches and in which areas you'd want to be able to control more than one light at a time and so on. Lutron provides a cool tool for just this purpose and after you are done with the layout you can print out wiring instruction sheets for the electricians so they run each light load to the right switch.

I met with the electricians and they liked the idea and so we stapled them to the framing next to the gang locations. You can see one of them in this picture.

As we were walking around we saw our lot sign. For some reason this made it "official" for us. The signatures, contracts, agreements, and the actual building didn't actually make it official. We needed to have this sign or the deal was off.

In the end.... even with all the excitement...


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