Sunday, February 24, 2008

Early January

There was a lot happening just after Christmas. The house became more and more like a matchstick structure. Depending on where you were standing and looking, the rooms would blend together and become unrecognizable. It was hard to imagine what the percieved size of the living spaces would be. What would it be like to live in this place?

"Is this room small?"

"Is this room big?"

Is this a bathroom?

What the heck is this?

You really start to realize how strange the perception of space is.

It took a long time for the framing to get completed. Every couple of days it would look more and more like a house.

We got a delivery of roofing materials.

The next day it was sitting on the corners of the house. A few thousand pounds of wood balanced just right.

Although I missed the actual crane opration, it was pretty cool to see this up on the house. These guys were like some crazy super human cat people. Climbing around with no ropes or safetly lines or anything like that. Granted, it was only 10 feet at the edges but from the top there was another six or seven feet or so. There were lots of nail-ridden 2x4s jutting out at acute angles that they could use to break their fall, so they should be just fine.

Once these panels were installed on the roof, the structure became even more house like.

I know this seems like stating the obvious, but there was a genuine sense of amazement to this process. Each component, as it was added, made the reality come closer and closer. This was the largest jigsaw puzzle I'd ever been involved in. The "picture" was becoming clearer.

Another interesting thing you'll see is all of the cross braces used to plumb the walls to make sure they were perfectly upright as the roofing panels were attached.

One last note, there was a tumbleweed that had happened to find a purchase in our laundry room. It don't get more western than that.

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