Thursday, February 28, 2008

January 13th

As we watched our house get built we noticed many of the houses that were almost complete or completed had brick with "No Park" painted on it, sitting on the driveway. I'm assuming to keep shoppers and tradespeople from parking on the driveway and screwing it up when it wasn't cured and getting it dirty when it wasn't sold.

When we drove up we found our very own No Park Brick. It seemed a (no pun intended) milestone for progress and we thought we should document it.

Progress progress. We found windows, roofing materials, and the lines for the AC units.

If you look carefully you can see the middle window is missing. The window team brought the wrong window for this opening. The opening was framed larger than normal because of the office space we selected. It took a few days for the right window to show up.

We also had most of the AC ducts, the air handlers in the attic, and the big air returns installed. The air handler in the basement is installed much later in the process because people steal them. Stupid people.

They had to move a couple of pipes after the walls went up and they had to move them in the concrete.

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