Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Coming Into Focus

As I said earlier, we should have started this before now so we'll try to catch you up in a hurry. We looked at a lot of houses and took a bunch of pictures.

There was a ton to pick from in Casa Grande

Barb had found a builder that offered basements. We were pretty excited to see how they looked. We thought the idea of a basement in the desert was a good one. The idea of the cooler space in the summer, sound isolation from the neighbors, and game room/entertainment space seemed worth the extra cost.

When we pulled into the development, we drove along a long row of palm trees with lakes and fountains on both sides. As politically incorrect as it was, we really liked this crass extravagance.

With absolutely no thoughts of how much suffering this much water could alleviate and faster than you could say, "Screw California and their liberal, thought-police, PC, water-drinking, retards." we drove on to look at the models.

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Barbara said...

The water spoke to us and we listened. It was 105 degrees on this day.