Thursday, February 14, 2008

Choices Choices

There were a lot of choices to make in a very short time. Which lot? Inside? Corner? Single Row? We decided on a corner lot that didn't have a huge premium, had minimal traffic, and had enough room for the eventual pool. In Casa Grande, corner houses can only be single story. So we knew the people behind us could not be a two story. The house next to them was already a single story and the only mystery was what kind of house would we get next to us.

The Lot

We are right on the corner of Seven Seas Drive and Summer Lane. We figured that aside from a few close houses, everyone else in the neighborhood would have to go out of their way to drive by our corner.

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Our first decision was exterior color. Not much of a decision as we could only pick from four sets of colors all based either brown, brownish, slightly different brown, and dirt. We chose brown.

Then came the design center and we were woefully unprepared for this. (Yes, it actually caused us woe)

What appliances would we get?
What size fridge?

Should we get a medallion?

Standard granite or one of these?

Marble? Travertine?

How about one of these?

Yes, i know it's sideways. I was laying down on the floor from exhaustion at this point.

Left Granite, Right Granite?
What color grout?
Tile in the kitchen?
What about the backsplash? What about the master bath?

Carpet the bathrooms!!!

Staggerd cabinets? Straight Cabinets? Moulding? Teeth? Notch? Classic?
Cherry? Maple? Stained? Natural?

Standard lighting?
Lighting package?

Note the mysterously glowing tag

Barb wanted something more traditional in the lighting. This was ornate enough for her and had enough refrence to Masonic ritual and New World Order to satisfy my need for controversy.

What doorknobs do we use?
What doors?
What front door?
Stained? Natural?
Glass front?
Mahogony? Fakehogony?

What kind of faucets do you we want? Same everywhere? Different in the kitchen?
Do you want your faucets to look like the Pilsbury Cyclops Boy and his sidekick "Hammer" are going to cream you with a meat hook?

We had some delays in getting the Design Center appointment scheduled and then when we did we found that we just didn't have enough time to sort it all out. We had visited the design center before our appointment to browse at least three times, then spent 7 or 8 hours the first time then another 9 or 10 hours the second visit to get things figured out.

In the end we were happy with our choices. Every 3 to 5 weeks, one of us will turn to the other and say, "Did we pick stuff that matched or is our house going to look like Willy Wonka's house?"

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