Sunday, May 23, 2010

Super Best Happy Grandma/Grandpa News Time Into Large Facilitating Satisfactions!

OK. So, while I have no illusions about the appeal of any baby to anyone not related (Remember the Inverse Square Baby Law?), there are some people who are related.  The grandparents!   So if your last name ends in a "Z", are over 55, and don't live in Arizona, this one goes out to you.  Can I get a "huh, what?". 

I know you are looking at the BIG words below that say "baby-cam" and thinking about clicking on it.   Don't do it.  Do not do it.  I'm telling you.  You really should read this whole message first.

Anyway, the baby-cam is now active (yes, this means to click the word "baby-cam." If it's big and you can click it, go ahead).  24x7 (mostly) coverage of something more interesting than the weather channel and less depressing than Bloomberg TV.  

If he's not there don't panic, he's either eating, getting changed, hanging out with the parents or stuyding for his SATs.  If he IS there, it would probably NOT be a good time to call. 

You can reach it from the top right link on this or any page.

A couple of things to remember.  If you are living in the 21st century and you aren't running Windows XP any more you'll probably get a small message bar at the top of your internet window telling you that this site wants to run an Active X control.   Just click on the bar and "allow the control to run" or "install this add on" or whatever it's asking you to do.   You may also get another window asking you to allow something.   This time it's OK to allow.   Normally don't allow these things.  Also, you can change the size of the image using the controls there under "Size Selection."  You can even take pictures if you like.

This camera has a limit of 4 connections.  If you get a busy message, just try later.  By the way. I don't think this works with Firefox.

OK.  Now click "baby-cam"
Enjoy, OGs!

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